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Curious Oyster Co. Leaves Dryades Market

Also, Tryst closes its doors.


It's been a tough week for uptown New Orleans restaurants. Coming right after the news that Kyoto on Prytania Street closed as of October 15, two more spots have shut its doors.

Todd Price reports that the Curious Oyster Company shucked its last oyster at its stall in the Dryades Market on Sunday, October 9, due to financial reasons. According to Melissa Martin, owner and proprietor:

"We were treated exceptionally well and we loved it," Martin said. "But for me as an oyster bar there is no way I can make it without selling beer and wine."

Dryades Market has no plans to replace Curious Oyster Company in the spot vacated.

Also, according to Helen Freund at the Gambit, Tryst, located at the the much beleaguered restaurant space at 4128 Magazine Street, closed as of October 13.

That space has housed Baie Rouge, then Saveur under the leadership of Dominique Macquet, and then Tryst after Maquet's departure. Now, owner Kimble Donington-Smith says he does not plan to open another operation at that spot