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Neyow's is Quickly Becoming The Hottest Spot in Mid City

A newly built expansion opens next month


Tanya Dubuclet and her family have been cooking and serving soul Creole food from her grandma's kitchen on the corner of Jeff Davis Parkway and Bienville since 2010. The always bustling restaurant has outgrown its small corner store space and moves into an expanded space - twice the size of the current location - next door in November.

Ian McNulty profiles Dubuclet and her story, in announcing the shiny new next-door location (built from the ground up.) Neyow's new space features, well, a lot more space (it gets quite cramped and crowded in the current building) as well as an expanded bar, a prominently displayed oyster bar, a glass front wall, and an outdoor patio.

McNulty notes that the hearty Creole menu leads to a happy and relaxed vibe, something that the Neyow's crew plan to continue in their new place.

Neyow's sounds like New Orleans, too. Bartenders holler greetings to regulars when they walk in and lunchtime conversations among customers are not necessarily confined to one table. If the food hits comfort food buttons, the atmosphere and attitude of the restaurant carries the same tune.

So keep an eye out for the opening of the Neyow's new location in November in order to partake in some gumbo and grilled oysters, washed down with the restaurant's signature Bow Wow punch.

Neyow's: current address, 3340 Bienville St.; future address, 3332 Bienville St.

Neyow's Creole Café

3332 Bienville Street, , LA 70119 (504) 827-5474 Visit Website