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Which Two Restaurateurs Are Already Interested In Booty's Street Food Space?

The Booty's Street Food space likely won't be up for grabs much longer.


Hot on the heels of Booty's Street Food's shocking-shutter in the Bywater, Eater has just spoken with the owner and developer of 800 Louisa Street, Greg Morris, who calls the Booty's shutter unfortunate.

"They had a good run," Morris says. "They had a year left on their lease, which is also  unfortunate on our end."

Morris and his partner (and father) Michael Morris— whose renovation of the Bywater building was their first foray into restaurant projects— is fortunate, at least, in that two restaurateurs are already interested in the turn-key property.  As for what will potentially go in the space, Morris envisions a nicer neighborhood restaurant with good drinks, as opposed to something that directly mimics either funky-cafe Satsuma or gastropub fave Oxalis, two well-established neighbors.

Morris tells Eater he also has another mix-used property in the Marigny, across from the Ruby Slipper, which could likely also become a new restaurant concept sometime in the near future.  And as for the idea that the Bywater dining scene might be on its way out— with the Booty's shutter following that of innovative hotspot Maurepas Foods' shutter in September 2015— Morris does not agree, seeing much more room for competition in the neighborhood.

"It's not going to be the same concept [as Booty's]," Morris notes. "The two restaurateurs who are interested have vastly different ideas, but they would both work well in the space."

Got an idea on which restaurateur is eyeing the space? Have an opinion on what sort of restaurant would you'd like to see moving into the Booty's Street Food space? Leave a comment, and tell Eater all about it.