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Booty's Street Food Shutters in the Bywater

No more street food and Bywater Bombers.


Home of the Bywater Bomber daiquiri and global snack foods Booty's Street Food has closed for good in the Bywater, with Todd Price reporting that owner Nick Vivion has confirmed the shutter. According to several reliable Eater tipsters the restaurant has been closed for about three weeks, and even their Facebook page has expired. A drive-by last night during normal operating hours did indeed reveal that the blinds were drawn, and paper had been taped up in the glass doors. Eater has reached out to restaurant owners Kevin Farrell and Nick Vivion and is awaiting response at this time.

An anonymous inside source tells Eater: "The lease agreement was breached and both parties (Lessor & Lessee) have parted ways. Belongings which were the property of Nick and Kevin have been removed by them and the locks have been changed."

Farrell and Vivion also shuttered their ticketed, zodiac-themed expansion Ursa Major in The Paramount last fall after only four months of operation, blaming a horrible sewage issue for the closure and suing The Paramount's developers over shoddy plumbing work that allegedly made employees sick and guests grossed-out.

Got any details on Booty's shutter or another? Let Eater know. Tips are always greatly appreciated and tipsters always remain anonymous.

Booty's Street Food

800 Louisa St., New Orleans, LA 70117 504 266 2887