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The Upcoming Ace Hotel Restaurant Is Called Josephine Estelle

Domenica chef Phillip Mariano now on board.

The upcoming Ace Hotel
The upcoming Ace Hotel

With the Ace Hotel set to open in the Warehouse District on March 14, Todd Price has the scoop on the highly-anticipated Italian-meets-Southern restaurant from Memphis-based chefs Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman. The spot will be called Josephine Estelle, after the chefs' daughters.

Domenica chef Phillip Mariano has just come on board as the restaurant's (and entire hotel's) executive chef.  Mariano tells Price he'll use this opportunity as a chance to "break away from super-traditional Italian."  An opening menu is still in development but could include items like  "gnocchi with masa, Gulf fish crudo and charred cornbread with pickled peanuts, lardo and country ham."

The Ace will also feature a Stumptown Coffee, and has brought on some big names in the local bar industry to lead its programs, including Lucinda Weed as beverage manager, Katie Darling as food & beverage director and Sonali Fernando as a 'cultural engineer.'

Ace Hotel

600 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA