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Three Beans for Paladar 511; Black Label Icehouse's Brisket Delivers

Brett Anderson heads to the Marigny, and Helen Freund eats in Central City.

Inside Paladar.
Inside Paladar.

Brett Anderson bestows THREE BEANS upon Marigny gem Paladar 511 this week: At play is a "California aesthetic with artful gusto" with dishes ranging from hefty "arancini, the fried baseball-sized risotto balls... and a silky housemade raviolo plumped with a markedly oozier mix of egg yolk, ricotta, porcini cream and truffled pecorino" to "salads and vegetable-centered dishes, all exceptional."  Add in "flawless" desserts, a staff that not only knows the dishes but how to cook them, and a great bar and ambience, and the restaurant is a 'new arrival that is built to last." []

Helen Freund heads to Central City bar and barbecue hub Black Label Icehouse: "Navigating which menu items are available can be tricky, and there's a sense that some things are still being finalized. Early weekdays see a cast of rotating specials and the occasional pop-up while the main barbecue fare is served mostly Thursday through Sunday," but pitmaster Damian Bruggar's "signature dish— smoked brisket— which is delivered in heaping piles on half-sheet trays in charred, fatty glory" is definitely worth the trip. [Gambit]

Paladar 511

511 Marigny Street, , LA 70117 (504) 509-6782 Visit Website