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Four Men Indicted For New Orleans' Terrifying Armed Restaurant Robberies

Patois, Atchafalaya and Monkey Hill Bar were all held up during late August and early September.


A special state grand jury has indicted four men for the terrifying Uptown restaurant armed-robbery spree involving Patois, Atchafalaya, and Monkey Hill last summer:

A five-count indictment handed up by an Orleans Parish special grand jury named Wesley "Wes" Davis, Jockquaren "Jock" Van Norman, Dwayne Stevenson and Nicholas "Nick" Spiller as members of the group that staged brazen armed robberies during business hours at the establishments.

As of right now, Dwayne Stevenson is still at large. The Advocate also reports that law enforcement is also looking at the men in connection with more summer robberies including one at Central City's The Purple Rain bar. Two of the men—Davis and Norman— are also currently involved in a separate murder case.

The five indictments include conspiracy to commit a crime, and names Stevenson and Davis as involved in every robbery, Spiller as also involved in the Atchafalaya robbery, and all four involved in the Monkey Hill robbery.

Patois owner Leon Touzet, who along with his customers was forced at gun point to lie on the floor while the masked men robbed the restaurant and guests on the night of August 20, 2015 (and then wait 17 minutes for cops to arrive),  tells The Advocate that "We're truly happy...It gives me a sense a relief."