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A Look at Covington's Smoke BBQ; Brady's Wine Warehouse Pours Free Rosé

Plus, a handy dining guide for incoming college students.

A tasting at Brady's Wine Warehouse
A tasting at Brady's Wine Warehouse

COVINGTON— This week Todd Price takes a look at Northshore newcomer Smoke BBQ, a casual barbecue expansion from Ox Lot 9 team: "Nate Meharg, previously the sous chef at Oxlot 9, mans the pits at Smoke. His strongest meats are the sausage links, which are finely ground and deeply flavored, and the chicken with its mahogany skin covered in a sandy rub of dried spices." []

NOLA— Here's a handy guide for incoming college freshmen (or really any college student in New Orleans), including budget-friendly restaurants, coffee shops and spots to take your parents out to dinner when they visit town. []

CENTRAL CITY— With summer winding down, Brady's Wine Warehouse (1029 O.C. Haley Blvd.) hosts a FREE rosé wine tasting with 15+ wines this Saturday, September 12, from 2 to 6 p.m. Featured wines will also be on sale. [Eaterwire]