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This is What Critic Brett Anderson Has Been Feasting On Lately

Hint: Lots of seafood, including a mullet sandwich in Florida.

Paul Broussard for ENOLA

Brett Anderson has just released a list of the ten best things he ate last month, which is a fabulous reference for those wondering how critics actually eat during the summer...duh, seasonally.  Here, Anderson, gobbles up lots of seafood, but throws some caution to the wind with a killer roast beef po' boy in Chalmette, dawlin'.  Here are his top picks from last month:

  • Crab Salad, Meauxbar: Visiting chef Anne Kearney (formerly of Peristyle) made this dainty salad with "Francophile touches" during her two-night visit to Meauxbar.
  • Smoked eggplant, Bacchanal AND Charred Eggplant, Primitivo
  • Key Lime Pie, P's & Q's
  • Mullett Sandwich, Captain Joe Patti's Seafood Restaurant:  This restaurant is actually in Pensacola,  which explains why Anderson was eating mullet, a Florida fave.
  • Pumpkin blossoms, La Provence
  • Roast Beef Po' Boy, Rocky & Carlo's
  • Shrimp & butternut squash bisque, Brigtsen's
  • Shellfish stew, La Petite Grocery
  • Shrimp Po' boy, Zimmer's Seafood