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Bywater Innovator Maurepas Foods Will Close For Good on October 5

Chef Michael Doyle's restaurant paved the way for the Bywater's culinary boom.


Sad news in the Bywater today, with Todd Price reporting that innovative Bywater farm-to-table restaurant Maurepas Foods will shutter for good on October 5.  Chef/owner Michael Doyle notes that after three and half years in business:

I know how much I can pay folks, how much product I can buy and how much time I can spend with my family and it's not enough on all counts.

The highly-acclaimed restaurant opened in January 2012, showcasing Doyle's exceptional produce-driven dishes and a great craft cocktail program in a casual setting, and essentially leading the way for spots like Oxalis, Booty's and Mariza to open, thus turning the Bywater neighborhood into a culinary hub.  The restaurant will operate as normal until October 5.

Maurepas Foods

3200 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.267.0072 Visit Website

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