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Shaya Gets Bon App Nod; The New York Times on NOLA

Plus, the future of Gulf oysters.

UPTOWN—Congrats are in order for Alon Shaya and the Besh Group: Modern Israeli restaurant Shaya made Bon Appetit's list of 50 nominees for its annual "Best New Restaurants in America" feature. The top 10 will be announced on August 18. [BA]

NOLA—The New York Times goes deep today on the local restaurant scene, examining the notion that "the city is a much better place to eat than it was even before [Hurricane Katrina]." But has development and gentrification watered down some of New Orleans' unique culture? The Times-Pic's Brett Anderson gets the final word, literally, saying: "So it has Stumptown coffee. That doesn’t even come close to making it a hipster city. It just never will be.” [NYT]

OYSTER WIRE—Not all Gulf oysters are created equally. Some are now being named after the bay in which they're grown, because you know, terroir and all. Check out this quick four-minute vid to learn why "a more resilient oyster marketed like wine may be Louisiana oysters' future." []