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Vegan Hub Seed Will Reopen After Minor Fire & Ownership Drama on August 1

Plus White Linen dining, Avo's new summer truffle menu, Maple Street booze issues, and more


LGD— Edgar Cooper, the owner of vegan and vegetarian restaurant Seed reportedly sold the restaurant in June to new owners, but after the space suffered a small fire which has left the spot closed since July 3, Cooper has bought it back and plans to reopen Seed on August 1, with new menu items to boot. []

UPTOWN— Chef Nick Lama has just launched a summer truffle menu at his new Sicilian hotspot Avo. Four truffle-happy dishes, from a tuna crudo to a confit veal breast with gnocchi will be on special through August. [Eaterwire]

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT— Where to eat around White Linen Night this Saturday, if ye dare. []

UPTOWN— In booze news, Robert Morris reports that the CPC has rejected a proposed overlay, which would basically maintain the current process of Maple Street restaurants needing to apply for a conditional-use permit to get booze instead of just functioning under the new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. The loosened regulations have many nearby residents up in arms, but the matter is now off to City Council. [UptownMessenger]