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Palace Cafe Is Getting A Kitchen Overhaul & Swanky New Rum Bar

Closing mid-August until October with plans for a second floor bar, kitchen overhaul, and charcuterie area.


Dickie Brennan's Canal Street restaurant Palace Cafe is getting a brand new kitchen and a new second floor lounge, Todd Price reports this week, and will be closed for a couple months starting August 15.   When the cafe reopens in October, the second floor lounge will have a swanky new rum bar and the revamped kitchen will have its own 'dedicated charcuterie kitchen' and a charc program created by recently-hired chef Rene Bajoux, who is part of Brennan's impressive new training team.

While closed for renovations, Palace Cafe will pop up at Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, for lunch Monday-Friday, and at Bourbon House for the Saturday and Sunday jazz brunch.

Palace Café

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