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Doldrums Ahead! These Restaurants Are Going On Summer Break

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A list of all restaurants on vacation for summer.

1000 Figs
1000 Figs

And so it begins. It's time to turn our attention to the annual summer doldrums; yes, it's that time of year when many a local establishment packs up and goes on vacation to beat the heat. Here are the closures Eater NOLA knows of right now, but do check back as the vacation alerts continue to trickle in.

The Franklin: Closed August 10 to August 19.

Brown Butter: Closing August 24 to August 30.

1000 Figs: Closing August 9 to August 19.

Cafe Amelie: Closing August 3 to August 19.

Casa Borrega: Closing August 23 to August 28.

Jacques-Imo's: Closing August 2-18.

Kebab: Closed now until August 17.

La Boulangerie: Closed now until August 13.

Marti's: Closed now until October.

Mondo: Closed August 17 to 19.

Palace Cafe: Closing August 15 until October.

Pizza Delicious: Closing August 3 to August 24.

Red's Chinese: Closed now until September 3.

Know of any other restaurants closing temporarily this summer? Send Eater an email or leave a comment.