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Are These The Ten Best Bars in New Orleans?

The Times-Pic rolls out their annual list of top bars in New Orleans.


The Times-Pic has just released its second-ever list of the 10 best bars in New OrleansLast year the team also named the best neighborhood bars, dives, wine bars and more subcategories, but this year's Summer Bar Guide extravaganza just sticks to the top ten, along with the 25 best bars in the Quarter, and the 5 best new bars in town.

No huge surprises on the overall top ten. The criteria: No dance clubs, restaurant bars where people feel inclined to order food, or music venues that charge a cover, just good old bars that "represent the drinking culture of the city."  Six of the bars also made last year's list.

The Top Ten

  • Arnauds
  • Avenue Pub
  • Cure
  • Finn McCool's
  • Good Friends
  • Molly's At The Market
  • Ooh Poo Pah Doo
  • The Saint
  • The Sazerac Bar
  • Twelve Mile Limit

Five Best NEW bars

  • Bar Redux
  • Barrel Proof
  • The Black Penny
  • Latitude 29
  • Salon By Sucre