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Rocky & Carlo's, Tuesday, 1 p.m.

Welcome to Eater Scenes, wherein Eater photographers visit some of New Orleans culinary landmarks to capture them at a very specific point in the day. Fresh for Cheap Eats Week, Paul Broussard takes a visit to Chalmette lunch icon Rocky & Carlo's.

Famous for its macaroni and cheese, lunch specials, red gravy, endearing service, and enormous portions (seriously, has anyone ever left Rocky & Carlo's without a togo box?), this old school family-run eatery—opened in 1965 by two Sicilian families, the Tomasseos and Gios— is one of the most iconic cheap eats in all of the greater New Orleans area. If you don't have a Rocky & Carlo's go cup in your arsenal, with its legendary Ladies Invited logo on the side, that's reason enough to hit up this beloved Chalmette destination.

Rocky & Carlo's

613 W Saint Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA 70043 (504) 279-8323 Visit Website