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What $7 Or Less Gets You at The St. Roch Market

Quiche, sandwiches, salads, and more for under $7.


St. Roch Market, the hotly-anticipated food hall that's attracted a lot of positive and negative and potentially detrimental attention since opening on St. Claude Avenue in April, is home to eleven great food vendors, and also the lingering argument from some that these spots are too pricey for the neighborhood. Here now, the cheapest dishes you'll find at St. Roch Market right now, all under $7.

Been to St. Roch Market? Think it's budget friendly, average-priced, or expensive? Leave a comment and plead your case.

Elysian Seafood: Half of the blackened catfish po boy with potato hash (pictured above via Facebook) will set you back $7.

Lagos: Jollof Rice or Frejon Beans are $7.

The PDR: An heirloom tomato salad is $7.

Dirty Dishes: The St. Roch crepe, with peanut butter nutella and bacon, is $6.

King Creole: A quarter Muffaletta (pictured above via Facebook) is $6.

Sweet Spot: The bakery offers freshly baked quiche with seasonal fruit for $7.

Shank Shop: The charcuterie stall does a ham & cheese sandwich at $6.

Curious Oyster Company: The fresh farmer's market salad is $6

Juice NOLA: Avocado or chimichurri toast with farm egg (above via Facebook) will set you back $5.85 and fresh fruit or vegetable smoothies are $7.

St. Roch Forage: Bag of local figs or peaches at $5.

St Roch Market

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