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New Orleans Chefs Divulge Their Favorite Cheap Eats

Nina Compton, Alon Shaya, Philip Lopez and more chefs talk Nola's best cheap food.

Nina Compton
Nina Compton

Cheap Eats Week is underway, and with it, the quest to find out the most affordable meals in New Orleans. Here now, some of the city's hottest chefs chime in on their inexpensive favorites, from po' boys to buttermilk drops.

Nina Compton, Compère Lapin

A po boy from Gene's.  It's only $9 and they're huge.  Can't go wrong with any one, just depends on my mood.

I love going to Booty's for their cocktails, which are so well priced and they have so many different aqua frescas which are so great for summer.  Borgne and Pizza Domenica also have great happy hours as well so I hit those too when I can.

Alon Shaya, Shaya

When I need a cheap pick me up meal, I go to Tan Dinh and get the spicy tofu and pho. I feel rejuvenated in no time.

Anthony Scanio, Emeril's Delmonico

Taqueria Guerrero in Mid City has a homespun atmosphere and homespun food. Three tacos for only $7— it's is a great way to go. I typically do one chicharrones, one lengua and one al pastor.

Philip Lopez, Root & Square Root

Lilly's grilled pork vermicelli for $7.95. Company Burger's Double at $8.75 + $1 for fried egg + $2 for bacon = $11.75. The Rachel (hot pastrami) at Stein's Deli for $12.99. Peche's smoke tuna dip ($7) and fried bread ($5).

Nathan Richard, Kingfish

A Cajun popsicle... a link of boudin. The original fast food of Cajuns.

Kelly Fields, Will Jean

have a spot and day for my favorite cheap meal. I go to Borgne on Thursdays for the $10 fried chicken lunch special. The fried chicken is served with a homemade pepper jelly alongside mashed potatoes and smothered greens. It is a cheap and delicious down south meal.

Lisa White, Willa Jean

Since I am a downtown girl, I like to go to Erin Rose for a frozen coffee. I go right to the back to Killer Po-Boys and fill up while I'm there.

Ryan Prewitt, Peche

I like Lebanon Cafe because it's in my neighborhood, open on Sunday, and consistently satisfying.

Brack May, Cowbell

Frosty's on Cleary.

Neil Swidler, Broussard's

Gracious Bakery, Pizza Delicious, Buttermilk Drop, and my dirty secret: Chipotle.

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