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Kebab Is Now Home To An Old School Pinball Parlor

St. Claude's doner hotspot adds a rotating collection of vintage and modern pinball machines.


Attention pinball wizards, St. Claude Avenue doner destination Kebab has just added a killer game parlor, Ian McNulty reports. Yes, the restaurant's gallery space is now comprised of a 'rotating collection' of vintage and modern pinball machines, all in working order, and curated by the Mystic Krewe of Silver Ball—a social aid club that collectively owns over 200 pinball machines.

"This being such a lively and artsy corridor now, we wanted to do something beyond food and drink," co-owner Benjamin Walker tells The Advocate.  The restaurant is now home to your favorite new weekend trifecta: exceptional European drunk food, booze and beer, and pinball.  The parlor will make its official debut tomorrow, Saturday, July 11, during the Second Saturday Art Walk.  Kebab will also be selling frozen drinks, souvlaki, lamb, and more grilled wonders on the sidewalk out front starting at 3 p.m.


2315 Saint Claude Avenue, , LA 70117 (504) 383-4328 Visit Website