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Red's Chinese Ditches 'General Lee' Chicken Label

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The addictive fried chicken shall now be known as General's Chicken.

The highly-addictive bourbon soy glazed fried chicken dish formerly known as General Lee's Chicken at Red's Chinese shall furthermore be known as General's Chicken, Brett Anderson reports this week.  Owner Tobias Womack decided to change the name—which was created as a joke "referring simultaneously to the classic Chinese-American dish General Tso's Chicken, numerous generals named Li and Lei (pronounced "Lee") throughout Chinese history and the Confederate General Robert E. Lee"—after former Times-Pic andTreme writer and Red's Chinese fan Lolis Eric Elie called the restaurant out about it on Facebook, and also in light of horrible recent attacks on African Americans and civil rights, including the tragedy at Emanuel AME Church.

As Mayor Landrieu has called for removing the Robert E. Lee Statue on Lee Circle and a larger discussion on ditching Confederate symbols,  Anderson now asks his readers if more restaurants with nods to the Confederacy should also change names, from Dixie Chicken & Ribs in Lakeview, to Angeline's craft cocktail called the Traded Triangle, which refers to the triangular trade route that brought slaves—and rum, chef Alex Harrell notes— to America.

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