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Reviews For Red's Chinese & The Big Cheezy

Anderson gives two beans to Red's, and Freund finds towering melty cheese sandwiches at The Big Cheezy.


Brett Anderson jumps back in the review game this week, bestowing TWO BEANS to St. Claude newcomer Red's Chinese from chef Tobias Womack and partner Amy Mosberger: "Red's food is as frustrating as often as it is a thought-provoking gas. Uneven with its flaws, the restaurant is a welcome addition to a city where Chinese cooking rarely lands on the radar of young chefs and restaurateurs." Order the "crisp-edged and fork tender" pork ribs and General Lee's "expertly" fried chicken. Beware long wait times and lackluster air conditioning. []

Helen Freund hits up Broad Street newcomer The Big Cheezy, home of 14 types of grilled cheese sandwiches: "While some sandwich aficionados may swear by coating the bread with mayonnaise before it hits the grill, the sandwiches here are a testament to the classic butter veneer: crusts are golden and crispy and not overly greasy." Order the 'towering' Big Cheezy sandwich, which features six cheeses, and dunk it in the creamy tomato soup. [Gambit]

Red's Chinese

3048 Saint Claude Avenue, , LA 70117 (504) 304-6030 Visit Website

The Big Cheezy

422 S Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119 (504) 302-2598 Visit Website