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Kin Has Just Launched An Insane Ramen Lunch in Gert Town

Ramen and appetizer specials abound. Plus, booze is coming very soon.


Finally, the moment you've been waiting for...As of today, new modern American hotspot Kin is open for lunch, Todd Price reports. Owners/chefs Hieu Than and Nate Nguyen have been making waves in unassuming Gert Town since opening in March 2015, gaining early praise for awesome and eclectic dinner dishes that pull influence from French, Italian, and Asian cuisines in a tiny affordable eatery on Washington Avenue.

What to expect for lunch? Ramen and appetizer specials including a Vietnamese crepe and fried oysters with noodles and peas. Kin also just got it license to booze, but is still BYOB for the time being. Here's what the Price man tried at Kin's soft lunch opening:

  • Miso ramen with confit chicken
  • pork broth ramen with nori, pickled vegetables, a poached egg and a shrimp cake
  • duck ramen with broth in a bowl on the side for dipping and slurping.

Lunch Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


22 Foley Street, , England W1W 6DT 020 7998 4720 Visit Website