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Could Live Music Be Heading to More French Quarter Restaurants? Update: Likely Not!

Zoning amendments that allow for live music at Quarter restaurants and in courtyards get thumbs down from CPC.


The city's new comprehensive zoning ordinance, yes the laws that regulate live music in bars and restaurants (among other things), may get a few tweaks in the near future, Richard Webster reports, as councilwoman Nadine Ramsey rolls out her live music wish list at today's City Planning Commission meeting. Here are the potential amendments the CPC will discuss today, which would directly affect restaurants and residents in the Quarter and beyond:

  • If restaurants in commercial areas of the Quarter beyond Bourbon and Decatur should be allowed to have live music (CPC recommends this).
  • If the need for a bar, music venue, or restaurant in the city to submit a noise abatement program before it opens should be repealed. (CPC recommends repeal, as they want to address this in a new noise ordinance anyways).
  • If a bar or restaurant in the city can open its windows and doors when it has live music, and if it can have live music outdoors. (CPC gives thumbs up on outdoor music in Quarter only as long as it ends by 2 a.m.; thumbs down on open-door/window policy).
  • If restaurants on Frenchmen, St. Bernard Avenue and Broad can sell takeout booze when people are purchasing to go food (CPC recommends denying this as restaurants can't legally sell retail booze).
  • UPDATE 6/24/15: After a huge turnout from Quarter residents concerned about potential noise, Richard Webster reports that the CPC has voted against allowing more Quarter restaurants to have live music including in courtyards. The take-out booze amendment was sent along to City Council with a recommendation of denial.