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Greg Sonnier, Rene Bajeux & More IN at Dickie Brennan Co.'s Exclusive New Training Program

Dickie Brennan Co. launches a new training program for young talent with a slew of big name chefs.

Tableau, one of four Dickie Brennan & Co. restaurants
Tableau, one of four Dickie Brennan & Co. restaurants

With so many new restaurants opening up around town, its becoming difficult for operations to find, keep and cultivate young kitchen talent, Ian McNulty reports this week. But Dickie Brennan Co. has just launched a new program aiming to foster and train its up and comers, with local big name chefs Rene Bajeux (of Rene's Bistrot fame), Gunter Preuss (of Broussard's fame),  Greg Sonnier (of Kingfish and Gabrielle fame), Robert Gurvich (he's worked with Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud), and Dickie Brennan team chefs Darin Nesbit and Gus Martin on board to run the ship:

Rather than assuming positions as executive chefs at restaurateur Dickie Brennan's various properties, the six men essentially serve as chefs-in-residence for the company in dedicated training and development roles. They will work with kitchen staff across the company's four restaurants: the Palace Café, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, Bourbon House and Tableau.

The chefs will train up and coming staff—who either apply or are recruited into the program— in areas of butchery, stocks, sauces, charcuterie, and much more. They will also develop menu specials and play an integral role in developing young kitchen talent for the Dickie Brennan restaurant group, which includes Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, Tableau, Palace Cafe, and Bourbon House.