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Paladar 511 Serves Up Stunning Summer Dining in the Marigny

Helen Freund gives a thumbs up to snapper crudo, squash pizza, and more seasonal dishes and cocktails at this "stunning" Marigny newcomer.


This week Helen Freund heads to the Marigny's all-things-fresh-and-seasonal pizzeria Paladar 511 from the team behind San Francisco's popular Pizetta 211: "If there's one dish in particular that speaks to the owners' West Coast roots it's cioppino, the classic fisherman's stew that hails from the docks of San Francisco. Clams, mussels and plump Gulf shrimp are submerged in a spicy tomato broth; the slow warmth of the spice helps balance the salinity. Thick pieces of grilled bread are perfect for dunking." Small plates rather outshine the wood-fired pizzas here with snapper crudo, crostini, and tuna conserva all must-orders, as well as the "excellent cocktails." [Gambit]