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Michael Uddo IN at Metairie's Cafe B

Uddo will launch a 'crab fete' on June 29.

Inside Cafe B
Inside Cafe B

Michael Uddo, a seasoned local chef known for his time at the popular 1990s eatery G&E Courtyard Grill, John Folse's White Oak Plantation, and more recently as head of Tulane's swanky catering division—has now stepped in to lead the kitchen at Ralph Brennan's Old Metairie eatery Cafe B, Ian McNulty reports.  Former Cafe B chef Chris Montero left his post in April to run Brennan's recent acquisition and Quarter icon Napoleon House.

Uddo doesn't have any major menu changes in store, but he will roll out specialty dishes for the restaurant's 'crab fete,' launching June 29 and continuing throughout the summer.

Cafe B

2700 Metairie Road, Metairie, LA 70001, USA