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Chef Bart Bell Plans A Cajun Take-Out Shop For Mid City This Fall

Bell will open a market on Broad Street, and his former partner Jeff Baron will bring pizza back to The Boot.

Chef Bart Bell
Chef Bart Bell

Folks who rue the day that Crescent Pie & Sausage Co. shuttered for good have reason to rejoice. Helen Freund reports that chef Bart Bell is planning his triumphant return to Mid City with a Cajun storefront planned for Broad Street.  Back when Crescent Pie and sister-restaurant Pizzicare were closing, Bell and then biz partner Jeff Baron had mentioned plans for an impending hot-plate style lunch joint inside Pizzicare's Tulane Avenue space, but sounds like the shop will now be located on Broad Street—Bell hasn't confirmed the exact location of the shop as he hasn't signed a lease yet.

The shop will be in the vain of Acadiana's finest roadside boudin joints, as Bell—who hails from Breaux Bridge— plans to bring "a hot plate line where people can get food— hot or cold— to go" as well as dry goods and take home sausages and meat pies for purchase.  There will be limited seating available inside and a fall 2015 opening is expected.

Meanwhile, Helen Freund reports that Jeff Baron will bring a new pizza and burger concept to Tulane University watering hole The Boot after the Dough Bowl's recent shuttering, likely opening in the fall as well.