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Although the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE) started out on the soggy side with a rather waterlogged Royal Street Stroll, determined winos and improved weekend weather did not let the rain ruin the fun.

The weekend's signature Grand Tasting, held at the Convention Center on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, featured special dishes prepared by local chefs served to many people waiting in long lines. Food was tasty, though, and the wide variety of vino (as well as cocktails, beer, iced tea, and coffee) was well appreciated.

After Friday night's Tasting, after party revelers attended "The Big Gateaux Show" which combined the "Fleur de Tease" burlesque show with performers Trixie Minx, Bella Blue, Nikki LeVillain, and Vita DeVoid with decadent desserts.

During Saturday's Tasting, the annual Louisiana Seafood Cook-off was held and judged, with New Orleans restaurateur Michael Brewer of The Sammich crowned as winner. Brewer, who prepared a play on nachos with "sautéed fish, a corn and tomato salsa, bacon-fat tartar sauce and crisp fish skin, fried up to serve the role of chips," according to Ian McNulty, who also reported that Brewer almost spit out his wine when he heard the announcement that he won the competition.

Food, wine, burlesque, judging, education, and then some: that's 2015's NOWFE in the bag.