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Adolfo Garcia Fires Up Massive Grill at Primitivo Next Week in Central City

Fire. Meat. Smoked mullet dip.


Adolfo Garcia and team, including partners Jared Ralls, Ron Copeland and chef Nick Martin, will unleash their primitive fine dining mecca Primitivo onto Central City next week. Fact-lister extraordinaire Todd Price reports that the fire-pit and meats will descend upon OCH (O.C. Haley Blvd. for the uninitiated) on Tuesday, May 26—yes, the day after you burn your Memorial Day weenies to a crisp.

The restaurant is anchored by an enormous grill that chef Nick Martin is calling 'a big experiment' because it's basically reshaping the way he cooks. While he hasn't gone full caveman, pretty much all the dishes he's turning out will have some element that's been cooked by the hearth including pork cheeks, a five-hour smoked beef coulotte, smoked oysters and...control yourself, Florida transplants...SMOKED MULLET DIP.  There will also be some drying and salting action going on in the kitchen.

As for the bar, Ron Copeland brings a Negroni on tap, and lots of beers and housemade tinctures.

Primitivo joins the recent OCH openings of SoFab and Purloo, with Jack & Jake's and Roux Carre both planned for the boulevard in the coming months. Garcia himself has already called OCH the next Freret. It's at least safe to say that Central City is officially booming.


1800 Oretha C Haley Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70113, USA