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Wayward Owl Brewing Is Heading To Future Epicenter of Hotness Central City

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The fifteen-barrel brewery plans call for a tasting room, outdoor beer garden and even a pop up movie theater.

Justin Boswell of Wayward Owl Brewing
Justin Boswell of Wayward Owl Brewing
Wayward Owl Brewing/Facebook

Upcoming fifteen-barrel brewery Wayward Owl Brewing has just acquired new digs at 3940 Thalia St. (former Gem Theater) in Central City along with the right to brew less than 12,500 barrels a year thanks to a recently-updated City Zoning Ordinance. Expect an opening in 6-7 months from now.

Louisiana-native and former lead brewer at Seattle-based Black Raven Brewing Co. Justin Boswell and wife Kristin Boswell first announced their intention to open Wayward Owl Brewing in New Orleans about a year ago.  Here's what to expect at their upcoming location:

We plan on having a very nice-sized tasting room with the potential of an outdoor beer garden, a functional stage, and, if we're allowed, a pop-up neighborhood movie theater so that those living close to us can benefit not only from the beer being produced but a resurrection of something that served that community so well for so long.

Wayward Owl will join upcoming Central City hotspots Jack & Jake's Public Market and Adolfo Garcia's fire pit mecca Primitivo, making this area New Orleans' fastest growing culinary hub. This will be the fourth brewery to open in New Orleans since 2009, joining NOLA Brewing, Courtyard Brewery, and Second Line Brewing (opening this summer), with Cajun Fire Brewery also hoping to open in the future.

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