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1000 Figs Serves Critic Brett Anderson's 'Favorite Falafels Of All'

New Orleans is having a falafel moment, and Anderson is getting it while it's hot.

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This week Times-Pic critic Brett Anderson professes his love of New Orleans latest food trend—falafel, y'all—and reports that his favorite in town is found at Faubourg St. John hotness 1,000 Figs. No surprise here, as the Fat Falafel crew's brick-and-mortar has been garnering nothing but critical acclaim since opening in the former Maple Street Books location in November 2014. It's clear that owners Gavin Cady and Theresa Galli's falafel pretty much rules:

These are no ordinary orbs. The fried batter of seasoned chickpeas and fava beans betray the hint of cinnamon. The gentle interior of each reveals a falafel nursing a New Orleanians' desire to be a plushly soft as a beignet. I get mine inside a pita's pocket, draped in tahini and bulked up with some charred Brussels sprouts.

Anderson also gives props to the falafel at Kebab, Cleo's and Shaya.

Elsewhere in Times-Pic critic land this week: Anderson also dares to dine at beloved tourist traps K-Paul's and Willie Mae's, enduring the hoards of ravenous sunburnt elders in fanny packs, for a taste of blackened drum and fried chicken, respectively.