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Fat City Diner Now Serving Crawfish Omelettes 24 Hours a Day

Plus pancakes, po'boys, and more.

Fat City Diner/Facebook

There's a new 24-hour diner in Metairie — in a building that belongs to Galatoire's owner John Georges, no less. As Todd Price reportsFat City Diner officially reopened Monday to serve the former nightlife district 'round the clock.

Decked out in classic diner regalia — think black-and-white checkered tile floors and red vinyl booths — the menu includes classic breakfast plates with eggs, hashbrowns, and grits, a Cajun omelette stuffed with crawfish, burgers, sandwiches, a roast beef po'boy, and, most essential for late-night post-drinking sustenance, house-baked biscuits.

Given the changing face of the neighborhood and the diner's close proximity to the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office, expect to see more cops than drunk people chowing down on pancakes these days.