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Baronne Street Butchery Cleaver & Co. Changes Hands

Expect lots of Wagyu beef to come.

Inside Cleaver & Co.
Inside Cleaver & Co.
Josh Brasted

Regime change at meat emporium Cleaver & Co.: Owner Seth Hamstead has sold the carnivore's haven to a pair of Wagyu cattle ranchers, says

The switch was made a few weeks ago, and while the the new owners reportedly don't plan to change much, they intend to have the shop stocked with their Wagyu beef products "within the next two weeks." They've also added new products to the lineup including goat milk and goat feta; "all-beef, kosher Wagyu hot dogs" could also be on the horizon.

Hamstead opened Cleaver & Co. back in 2012 and had discussed possible expansion plans for the business as recently as last summer. says Hamstead will still consult at the butcher shop, but plans to focus most of his efforts on Continental Provisions, his French Market collab with St. James Cheese Co. and Bellegarde Bread.

Cleaver & Co.

3917 Baronne St, New Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 227-3830