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Vandals Strike St. Roch Market

Unknown vandals broke windows and sprayed graffiti in the newly opened community market.

The Market, in better times
The Market, in better times

Yuppie-hating vandals made their feelings known about the newly opened St. Roch Market, breaking windows and writing profane anti-"YUPPY" graffiti on May 1, according to early reports.

A market employee who drove by twice this morning theorizes that the dirty deeds were done between 4am and 7am. UPDATE: The time the vandals struck was actually 2:20 a.m. and video surveillance footage has been released at this time. Not to worry, the market is still open for business while workers clean the graffiti and fix the windows, but the damages could amount to upwards of $20,000.

The most pressing question, however, was raised by commenter "creoleart" in the story comments. "YUPPIE?? who says Yuppie anymore?"

St Roch Market

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