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Butcher Kris Doll Will Bring Meat In All Its Glorious Forms To St. Roch Market

As St. Roch Market gears up to open on April 10, Eater NOLA chats with the opening vendors on what to expect at New Orleans' hottest food hall.

Kris Doll of Shank Charcuterie in the upcoming St. Roch Market
Kris Doll of Shank Charcuterie in the upcoming St. Roch Market

Upcoming food hall St. Roch Market debuts this Friday, April 10, in what is certain to be the biggest spring opening in New Orleans. Not only does the return of the market mark an important milestone for the community, but the business also solidifies St. Claude Avenue as the city's newest street of dreams when it comes to dining.

When the doors open, thirteen vendors will serve up everything from African food to oysters. This week, in anticipation of the opening, Eater NOLA talks to each of the lucky thirteen on what to expect at their counter, and what they're most excited about at the new St. Roch Market.

First up, charcuterie pro Kris Doll,  Butcher's original salumiere, and an alum of the Adolfo Garcia camp and Cleaver & Co.  Doll now has a new butchering facility on St. Claude Avenue, where he'll prep for his Shank Charcuterie operation at St. Roch Market, which will serve cheese, charc, and sandwiches during the day and add in fancier options, like tartars and carpaccio, at night. Here now, he talks mortadella sandwiches and more.

What all will you be offering at St. Roch Market?

I'll have meat and charcuterie in all its forms. You know, cured stuff, cooked stuff.

What's one dish that you're most excited to offer and why?

Ugh, it's like picking your favorite kid, you know? I like all the food I make or I wouldn't make it. I might have something at night like a mortadella sandwich, but something totally different for breakfast.

What does St. Roch Market mean to you? Why did you apply for a vendor spot?

I like the whole idea of it— the place was originally a food hall, like the French Market is supposed to be, although no one actually shops there anymore. St. Roch was, and is, a food market all the way through. Will and Barre had the idea to bring it back as a community food place. Obviously times change and economies shift, but it all comes down to markets where you can shop and get something to eat. It's a place I would want to go.

What other vendor are you most excited about?

I'm in the stall right next to Brandon [Blackwell], which should be fun. There's nobody in there who I don't want to check out. As a cook, there's a lot of food I like to eat. Like Melissa [Martin], I know she's a good cook and I want to eat her food. I'm excited about Tunde's African food— my family moved there when I was really young, so that was some of the first food I ever ate. Kayti with the Korean food is gonna be rad. It's all gonna be an awesome opportunity to bring the different food scenes to the community.

St Roch Market

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