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Behold Brett Anderson's Current Favorite Jazz Fest Foods!

Times Pic/ critic Anderson shares his Jazz Fest faves.

Brett Anderson's favorite new Jazz Fest Dish, the brisket sandwich from Squeal
Brett Anderson's favorite new Jazz Fest Dish, the brisket sandwich from Squeal
Squeal [Facebook]

Since Brett Anderson compiled a list of his top 15 favorite Jazz Fest foods of all time last year, this year he tackled the task by focusing on new dishes, old favorites, and reader suggestions. Sounds a lot more fun, to tell the truth. And here are the seven results:

  • The Barbecue Brisket Sandwich by Squeal BBQ: Much to Anderson's surprise, this dish was "my favorite new Jazz Fest dish. Every morsel of brisket - served in chunks instead of long slices - seemed to be caramelized, and none contained too much or too little fat. A soft Dong Phuong Bakery bun holds it all together."
  • Grilled chicken livers with pepper jelly from the Praline Connection
  • Crawfish sack from Patton's Caterers
  • Crawfish strudel from Cottage Catering: "How the phyllo dough crust stays crisp in the humidity - to say nothing of downpour rain - I can't say, but it does."
  • Merguez from Jamila's: "I can't stay away from Jamila's merguez sandwich because I've never had one that was less than excellent: crisp-charred but still juicy inside, its spices tempered by a cooling relish."
  • Sloppy Jeaux Sandwich from Miss Linda's Catering: "How often does a grown-up child of the Midwest get a chance to revisit a formative taste memory at Jazz Fest? Never -- until Miss Linda's unveiled its pitch-perfect take on the school cafeteria staple for the first time this year."
  • Sweet potato turnovers from Marie's Sugar Dumplings