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Tom Fitzmorris Discovers Hipster Seafood At Brisbi's

T-Fitz feasts on Brisbi's tuna tartare nachos and oysters, hates the turtle soup, and remembers the days of 'necking' in West End.

The downstairs oyster bar at Brisbi's, a popular spot on the lake.
The downstairs oyster bar at Brisbi's, a popular spot on the lake.

This week Tom Fitzmorris heads out to Brisbi's, the West End seafood spot that has finally settled into its groove on the lake after two years of business: T-Fitz recommends sitting outside whether downstairs at the open air oyster bar, or upstairs on the deck, away from "noise levels hard to talk over" in the small dining room.  "Hipper dishes" like the #2 Essential Dish tuna tartare nachos are worth seeking out over the classics. Meanwhile, the "turtle soup recipe should go extinct" and the service is just okay. Brisbi's location used to be home to Hong Kong restaurant, "famous for its romantic booths for necking." Now the only slurping you'll find on premises is "on the lower level" where the "raw oysters are so good."  +2 Hipness points because "fish tacos," y'all. The star rating is missing again this week. [CityBusiness, subscription required]

Brisbi's Lakefront Restaurant & Bar

7400 Lakeshore Dr., New Orleans, LA 70124 (504) 304-4125

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