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Nina Compton Is Eating Her Way To A Better Restaurant Opening in NOLA

The chef has been dining at Pizza Delicious, Jazz Fest and eleswhere.

The Old No. 77 Hotel and Cahndlery [Facebook]

In February, the news that Nina Compton had decided to relocate from Miami to New Orleans to open a restaurant took the city by storm. Starting this week Todd Price is turning his attention to chronicling the progress that Compton and her husband Larry Miller are making to open Compère Lapin, the flagship restaurant at new boutique hotel Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery in the Warehouse District.

Price's kickoff article describes how the pair met in Miami, as well as the decision to move to New Orleans. Copton and Miller have been researching and eating (mostly at the same time) at places like Pizza Delicious as well as Jazz Fest.

Price quotes the chef being amazed at the number of local farms and also noting:

"Every day I'm writing down notes," Compton said. "How can I incorporate more of the local stuff? You can only do so much research online. Until you can live it and breathe it, it's a different story."

The three are well on their way to becoming BFFs since Compton, Miller, Price, food editor Judy Walker, and Borgne's Brian Landry will be wandering the Jazz Fest grounds eating the food and discussing it like only food nerds can.Stay tuned for that series of articles as well, with the first day of Fess eats already up.

Compère Lapin is expected to open in mid-June.