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Cajun Butcher Shop Chris' Specialty Meats Coming To Lakeview This Summer

Plus, new Shank Charcuterie butcher facility may have plans to expand to 'showcase' more of Kris Doll's mad skills.

Future location of Chris' Specialty Meats
Future location of Chris' Specialty Meats

Butcher shops will be having a moment in New Orleans come summer, Ian McNulty reports this week, with upcoming openings on St. Claude Avenue and in Lakeview. While you may have already heard about the opening of Link Group/Adolfo Garcia group/Cleaver & Co. alumni and butcher extraordinaire Kris Doll's new production facility on St. Claude Avenue—which accompanies the opening of his Shank Charcuterie stall in St. Roch Market—what you might not know is that Doll "may develop it further as a showcase for his products," which means opening it to the public for great take-home meats in the near future.

Meanwhile in Lakeview, an expansion of Cajun country turducken specialist Chris' Specialty Meats is heading to 6521 West End (at Harrison) by early July.  The butcher shop has origins in Maurice, famous for its turduckens, but now operates out of Baton Rouge. The Lakeview location will be run by Rich Graham, who will bring the turducken hotness along with sausages, hot boudin, meats of the stuffed and smoked nature, steaks, gumbo, and a veritable smorgasbord of casseroles and sides this summer.  Sandwiches and plate lunches may follow.  The brand will also open its Big Easy Pralines shop next door.