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Illegal Nightclub Cafe Ra Shut Down in Former Dijon Space

Cafe Ra was operating two illegal nightclubs in the space, and somehow managed to acquire a live music permit.

Inside Club Ra.
Inside Club Ra.

In a city that practically revolves around live music permitting battles, it seems a tad unbelievable that a live music permit was handed out "in error" to an illegally-operating nightclub,  but such is the case at the former Dijon space in the LGD. Robert Morris reports that hookah and ladies night advocate Club Ra has been shut down by the city after operating illegally as a loud-ass nightclub for the past several months, with off-duty police officers closing down the street for valet parking and alleged adult entertainment happening inside.

Club Ra (aka Cafe Ra and Ra Nola) had a conditional use permit to operate as a restaurant, but after months of neighbors complaining about the establishment's all-night partying, the Fire Marshall and ATC paid a visit to find "no restaurant activity taking place" there. Granted, the Cafe Ra Instagram does show some rather depressing hookah and crawfish ingestion (sick pairing, brah), but the only food found during the investigation was 'a couple of boxes of French fries and a couple of boxes of chicken nuggets,' and eight, yes, eight eggs.  That sounds like the makings for a really sad hookah hangover omelet.

The Fire Marshall deemed the kitchen unfit for use, and the ATC found that Cafe Ra was operating as not one, but two illegal nightclubs, one in front and one in back, which was easier for them to get away with, apparently, because of that live music permit.  So how and why did Club Ra have one?

"They were inadvertently given - we're still trying to figure out how - a live entertainment permit for that location. By law, by statute, by ordinance, they are not allowed to have live entertainment." -City attorney, Dan McNamara

Well, okay then.  The state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has now "issued a summons to the owners" for a late summer hearing. It's probable that the location will still operate as a restaurant in the future though.

Club Ra

, New Orleans, LA