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Nina Compton's Warehouse District Stunner Compère Lapin Will Open in June

A raw bar, conch croquettes, and more dreamy details.

The current sitch at Compère Lapin
The current sitch at Compère Lapin
Courtesy of Nina Compton

Oh, anticipated openings, how thy do bringeth the hotness. This week Top Chef: Season 11 runner up and recent NOLA transplant  Nina Compton reveals more about her extremely hot upcoming restaurant with a gastropub-vibe in the Warehouse District. A press release reveals that the name of her venture, to be located in the Provenance Hotels revamp Old  No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery, shall be known as Compère Lapin and will open in June.

As for the name of the restaurant,  Compère Lapin refers to the name of the mischievous br'er-rabbit like protagonist in the Caribbean folktales of Compton's youth, which are very similar to the Louisiana folktales you may have heard growing up. Compton hails from the island of St. Lucia, and brings those Caribbean flavors to her menu, along with French and Italian influences, and promises of...wait for it...CONCH. Finally, something we can all agree that New Orleans needs more of.

Behold a few teaser dishes from Compton's upcoming menu:  Conch croquettes with pickled pineapple tartar sauce, crispy pig ears with smoked aioli, orecchiette with pork cheeks and arugula, banana zeppoles with salted rum caramel.

As for the interior, the space will feature a long bar that spans the room and an open kitchen.  There will be a raw bar, craft cocktails galore, and a "grab n' go marketplace" as well.

Compère Lapin
535 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Projected Opening: June 2015