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Local Brewing Trailblazer Kirk Coco Will Launch NOLA Distilling in 2015

Kirk Coco of NOLA Brewing teams up with David Bock, former distiller of Old New Orleans rum, to bring vodka, gin and white whiskey production to town by October 2015.

Kirk Coco at last year's Brooklyn Brewery Mash
Kirk Coco at last year's Brooklyn Brewery Mash

Kirk Coco, founder of NOLA Brewing, will open New Orleans Libations & Alcohol Distilling Company, or more simply NOLA Distilling, in 2015.  Coco has brought COO Andy Kutcher and distiller David Bock, who most recently worked for Celebration Distillation making Old New Orleans rum, with plans to produce a vodka, gin and white whiskey by October.

No word on if the distillery will be located on the NOLA Brewing compound, or if there's even room for that. Coco and team are already gearing up to expand the brewery early this summer with a highly-anticipated taproom including a rooftop bar and an on-site McClure's Barbecue expansion. NOLA Brewing is also currently attempting to get a license to brew mead too, which could also result in some serious winemaking in the future.

NOLA Brewing

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