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Paladar 511 Will Bring The 'Fancy Pizza' To Marigny in Late March

The California pizzeria will open in 511 Marigny with dishes ranging in the $14-$18 range.

511 Marigny, future home of Paladar 511
511 Marigny, future home of Paladar 511

The team behind San Francisco pizzeria Pizetta 211 is about to open the doors of their hotly anticipated Marigny pizzeria Paladar 511Todd Price reports.  Owners Jack Murphy and Susan Dunn, who relocated to New Orleans to run the restaurant along with Commander's/Emeril's alum Ed Dunn, will turn out thin-crust, 'fancy' pizzas with toppings ranging from tame to "braised lamb with yogurt, charred onions and mint." Other menu items include "green garlic, potato and chard soup, hanger steak with salsa verde and homemade pappardelle with Bolognese sauce" will change weekly and hover in the $14-$18 range.

The plans for Paladar 511 were announced nearly two years ago, with the opening taking much longer than expected due to slow permitting and the fact that Murphy was reportedly mugged and seriously injured along the way.  The restaurant is on the ground floor of the mixed-use 511 Marigny buidling and features a massive open kitchen and furnishings the trio built themselves.

Paladar 511
511 Marigny Street
NOLA 70117 Projected Opening: Late March