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John Georges Sells Galatoire's Interest To Terry White's Former Partners

Revenge is a dish best served cold (blooded) in the Jurassic Park of Creole fine dining.


John Georges, the majority owner Galatoire's, The Advocate, and likely your soul, has sold 10% of his Galatoire's interest to Donald "Boysie" Bollinger and John Simpson, the Times-Pic reports.   Who are Bollinger and Simpson? Besides being a shipbuilding magnate and banking bigwig, respectively, they also happen to be former partners of Terry White in a losing bid for Galatoire's in 2009.  Yes, the Terry White who currently co-owns Brennans and also happens to be suing John Georges and partner Todd Trosclair for buying Galatoire's (or 75% of it anyways) out from under him in an alleged shady/illegal deal.

While Bollinger and Simpson were both part of the Bourbon Investments group led by White to purchase the restaurant, they have since peaced out of that partnership and obviously aren't part of the lawsuit as they're now rolling in Galatoire's shares with their new bff.

The good news is that since there's a shipbuilding magnate involved, there's a likelihood this could culminate in a riveting high speed yacht race between Georges and White.


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