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Inside Paladar 511
Inside Paladar 511

MARIGNY— Todd Price reports that Paladar 511 is now settled into the Marigny in all its "artfully cobbled together" glory: "Fittingly for a place run by two Californian cooks, the best thing I ate was a salad— and that's not intended as a slight toward the other dishes. The tre colore salad had crisp greens and a cap of shaved parmesan as powdery as fresh fallen snow." []

NOLA— Hogs for the Cause isn't the only game in town this weekend, with NOLA Food Fest in the French Market  on both Saturday and Sunday offering up 25 restaurants from near and far as well as live music and plenty of laignappe. []

MIDCITY/BROADMOOR Heading into the city for work from River Ridge, Riverbend, or beyond? Gracious Bakery's got you covered with their brand new Gracious Express location at 7220 Earhart Boulevard. It's attached to their new commissary/commercial kitchen and will hook a weary traveler up with coffee, pastries, and sandwiches to go. The expanded kitchen space is a huge boon to Gracious' operations in both locations as well. []

CBD Blink and ya missed it. 1011, which just opened in December, seems to have no life left in it. The bar/restaurant lost its chef and bar manager in quick succession after opening, so perhaps this wasn't the biggest surprise.

Paladar 511

511 Marigny Street, , LA 70117 (504) 509-6782 Visit Website

Gracious Bakery + Cafe

1000 South Jefferson Davis Parkway, , LA 70125 (504) 321-6233 Visit Website