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Greg Sonnier 'Replaced' At Kingfish By Nathan Richard

A shocking chef shuffle in the French Quarter.


Sad news for Greg Sonnier fans this week, with Todd Price reporting that the beloved chef of Gabrielle fame is now OUT at Kingfish, the French Quarter's mancave of modern Louisiana fare, which Sonnier helped open in 2013.   No word on why he's no longer part of Kingfish, but he's already been 'replaced.'

Kingfish owners/revamp-happy empire builders Creole Cuisine Concepts [also of Bombay Club and Broussard's fame] run by the brothers Amari, have already announced that Bombay Club's chef Nathan Richard is now IN.  Seems a tad odd when you consider that Richard just stepped in at Bombay Club before the New Year, but not that odd when you consider that he used work for Cochon in Lafayette, which has a lot more in common with the Cajun-tinged Creole cuisine at Kingfish than with the Bombay Club's British fare. Meanwhile, chef de cuisine Ben McCauley will now oversee Bombay Club's kitchen.f