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BREAKING: City Council Approves Cafe Habana, Rejects Haters' Appeal To Kill Project

City council has voted 4-2 to deny opponents' request to stop the restaurant from heading to Rampart and Esplanade.

Rozas Ward Architects

Holy Moly, the tortoise has almost crossed the finish line of the New Orleans Bureaucratic Steeplechase 2013 2014 2015. Yes, Cafe Habana has cleared its biggest hurdle to date in a 2+ year long battle to become a restaurant at the corner of Esplanade and Rampart.  Habana whisperer Richard A. Webster reports that city council has voted 4-2 to deny a request by concerned French Quarter residents to "effectively kill project." Council members Stacy Head and Susan Guidry voted in favor of the appeal, but the council overall has approved plans for the restaurant.  Do check back for more details as this story develops.