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City Council May Decide If Cafe Habana Becomes A Restaurant Today

If the council votes for opponent's appeal, Cafe Habana must return to the start of the worst board game ever: Submit New Plans Hellscape III.

Rozas Ward Architects

Hark. Habana Whisperer Richard Webster reports that City Council is now in session and could at this very moment be deciding if the seemingly doomed Cafe Habana will finally become a restaurant after two years of attempting to do so.  The only problem:  Opponents have already filed a third-appeal to stop the two adjacent lots at Rampart and Esplanade—purchased by Habana owner Sean Meenan over two years ago—from becoming the Cuban restaurant.  If the council votes in favor of the appeal, Meenan and team will "have to submit new plans and start the process from scratch" a third time around, an act that would basically define this situation as utter INSANITY.