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This Video From Abita Answers Budweiser's Super Bowl Craft Attack Ad

Louisiana brewery Abita releases a video parody of one of Budweiser's most controversial commercials.

This year's Superbowl ended in a flurry of defensive plays and hurt feelings. No, we're not talking about the Patriots' last minute interception which won them the game followed by a scuffle on the gridiron, but rather a Budweiser commercial that aired in the final ad break, which mocked the fast-growing demographic of mustached, nerdy craft beer geeks for fussing over their Pumpkin Peach Ales when REAL MEN drink Budweiser, 'cause AMERICA!

(Note: AB InBev, who owns Budweiser, purchased Seattle's Elysian Brewing a week or so prior to the Superbowl, which is well known for its pumpkin ales, and indeed has a pecan pumpkin peach amber ale called Gourdgia on My Mind). The commercial was called "Brewed the Hard Way," and if you're interested in watching it, check it out here.

This advertisement sent many a craft beer nerd to the internets to either a) decry the Budweiser commercial as ridiculous crap or b) tell other craft beer nerds to not take it seriously, what is your problem. However, local Louisiana brewery, and one of the largest craft breweries in the country, Abita Brewing, quickly created a smart, classy response to the Budweiser ad:

Thanks, Abita, for showing the beer world how it's done.