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Brett Anderson On Leave From Times Pic; Best Sandwiches in Nola

And more dining news from around New Orleans.

Kebab's gyro, one of New Orleans best sandwiches.
Kebab's gyro, one of New Orleans best sandwiches.

QUARTER: Todd Price takes a look at the newly revamped Bombay Club this week, including their successful new team chef Nathan Richard and bartender Blake Kaiser, "a duo on their way up." []

NOLA:  Listicle-pro Scott Gold's 12 best sandwiches in Nola include St. James Cheese Co.'s Hooks Cheddar, Dong Phuong's banh mi, Kebab's gyro and more this week. [Thrillist]

CBD: Critic Ian McNulty samples Balise's garde manger (cold station) via the blue crab cocktail this week: "The sweet crabmeat is lushly enrobed in the bright tang of Green Goddess dressing, which spreads to wafer-thin radish and carrot and ribbons of kale. Fried grains of popcorn rice add a beguiling crunch without a hint of grease." [Advocate]

NOLA: Speaking of critics, if you've been wondering why Times-Pic head beanie baby Brett Anderson hasn't written any reviews/stories in the past two months it's because he "is on leave from work."  []